Grow box overview

The urban Chili 3.0 grow box complete set for high-yield harvests

Setting up, growing and harvesting – that’s how easy homegrowing of plants can be with our be a grow box!
For a year-round and energy-saving indoor cultivation with the extensive Complete set in Austrian quality.

In addition to convincing functionality, you get a high-quality cabinet made of solid wood can be optimally
integrated into any furnishing style. You can get the grow box kit either fully assembled or can be delivered
as a kit.

If you assemble the grow cabinet yourself, you only need scissors and a screwdriver. But our grow box is
more than just a growing cabinet for plants.
She is an innovative one Opportunity to become self-sufficient
and your home with a vivid
to enrich furniture.

What distinguishes the urban Chili 3.0 grow cabinet?

One of the most important features of the complete set is that you can have everything for the successful
Plant cultivation requires components with the purchase of only one set. After receipt and Once the grow cabinet has been assembled, plant cultivation can begin immediately.

If you can hardly wait for the home grow, you can simply have the grow box fully assembled deliver the desired delivery address. Since environmental protection plays an important role for us, we use 90% of all packaging materials multiple times to stuff boxes.

About receiving a cardboard box wrapped with various packaging materials or is filled, so don’t be surprised. It’s part of our business philosophy to to actively contribute to waste avoidance and packaging recycling.

The urban Chili 3.0 grow cabinet measures 65 x 45 x 133 cm and has 174 economical power Samsung and Orsam LED chips. The integrated exhaust air system is hardly audible and the cabinet is equipped with a lock.

The design elements are made of ash and are manufactured in Tyrol, while the LED board developed and finished there. Our motto is therefore consistently efficiency and ensure quality for our customers.

To start growing indoors, you need after purchasing the urban Chili grow box Sets so only seeds, soil, water, fertilizer and patience.

This is included in the grow box complete set

The practical complete set contains all the necessary components for a discreet, high-yield
and energy-saving plant cultivation in your own four walls
are needed.

  • LED Grow Light: Works with full spectrum light that is close to the sun and allows for healthy plant growth.
  • Air supply mechanism: Draws in fresh air and thus ensures sufficient fresh air inside the grow cabinet.
  • Activated carbon filter: absorbs odors from plants and prevents them from escaping.
  • Exhaust Fan: Regulates temperature and humidity for optimal growing conditions.
  • Circulation fan: Provides a light breeze and creates a better climate in the grow cabinet.
  • Corpus made of solid wood: Attractive and high-quality frame that can be ideally integrated into the facility.
  • Wireless thermo-hygrometer: Enables indoor and outdoor climate control by displaying temperature and humidity.
  • Digital timer: Ensures automatic regulation of the LED lamps.
  • Pant bag: The plant bag fit perfectly in the grow cabinet and do not have to be purchased separately.
  • Clay granules: The drainage acts as a water reservoir and you don’t have to water the plants as often.
  • Tub: Can be filled with water to only water the plants once a week.
  • Lock: The cabinet is equipped with a lock and two keys to give the plants the peace and protection they need.
  • Power strip: All plugs, cables and a power strip with main switch are included in the scope of delivery.
premium grow box bedroom grow cabinet

The urban Chili grow box kit is so well thought out

Behind the construct of the grow box is a complex plan to ensure both functionality and also to
combine an attractive look in just one indoor grow cabinet and a indispensable complete set for
plant cultivation for hobby gardeners.

The specifications of the 3.0 grow cabinet

  • 174 x LED chips 80 watts with full spectrum from Samsung & Osram
  • Low temp, 2 area system
  • noble design elements made of solid wood
  • consumes 93 watts in full operation
  • Dimensions: W=65cm, D=45cm, H=133cm
  • extremely quiet, economical and lockable
  • with assembly instructions (only for the kit)
  • 6 x three-layer carbon filters in the exhaust air system
  • weekly watering possible thanks to the urban chili tub and clay granules

The comparison with other indoor grow boxes

As the developer of the urban Chili 3.0 grow box, we wanted home-grown plants all in one
an appealing construct that is integrated into the facility in the long term as well as a part
can be made of it and does not have to be hidden.

So the idea was that you could not only feel the quality and functionality of the complete set,
but also can see. That is why solid wood was deliberately chosen for the design elements
and a veneered body.

urban Chili 3.0 grow box complete set


This is a tasteful indoor grow cabinet that, due to its well thought-out construction and high-quality
workmanship allow plants to be grown all year round
within your own four walls.


  • Installment purchase possible
  • attractive optics
  • barely audible ventilation
  • high quality
  • powerful and energy-saving
  • with lock to protect the plants
  • Solid wood frame processed in Tyrol
  • Extensive accessories in a complete set
  • LED board developed and finished in Tyrol

Grow tent kits from other manufacturers

A grow tent is a very inexpensive way to start growing indoors. In the long term, however,
the disadvantages are likely to outweigh the disadvantages, as most tents currently in the
are commercially available are not of particularly good quality.


  • inexpensive
  • can be easily dismantled


  • possible odor emission
  • unappealing optics
  • noisy and not lockable
  • often poor workmanship
  • Usually originating in the Far East

Homemade do it yourself grow boxes

With a DIY grow tent, many people want the cost of a complete kit save, but this project also proves to be extremely tedious. The self employed Building a DIY grow cabinet is not only extensive but also time consuming.

If the planning of the indoor growing cabinet is not well thought out or the implementation cannot take place as planned, negative experiences with plant cultivation are to be expected, which can be quite annoying.


  • may save costs
  • numerous DIY instructions on the Internet


  • laborious and time-consuming
  • precise planning and implementation required


With the purchase of a high-quality grow cabinet complete set, you get all
the components that are required for a prolific indoor grow are required. This
allows you to rely on our expertise as a Trusted grow tent manufacturers and
instead devote themselves entirely to growing plants.

Especially for beginners, this is a good way to create the ideal framework for
create a successful indoor grow of their favorite crops. Because who is first
concerned with the homegrow of plants will find that the use of a thoughtful
Growbox can be the key to a bountiful harvest.

Although there are many DIY instructions on the internet for building your
own grow cabinet with components from are offered by the hardware store,
with the urban Chili 3.0 grow box you can be sure that you can start with
stress-free plant cultivation and also focus on a beautiful appearance
can please.

If you want to be on the safe side, our urban chili quality product is in everyone
respect very well served.

premium grow box inside grow cabinet
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