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urban Chili 2.0 LED BOARD Growbox complete set – grow cabinet Set

Sold out, there is now the urban chili light
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and even more powerful, the urban Chili 3.0 can be ordered immediately (delivery expected in July)
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The urban Chili complete set is extrem efficient, quiet and the most beautiful growbox for your home.

urban Chili guarantees you good harvests, all year round.

  • The 2.0 version has its predecessor urban Chili 50% more interior volume (useful area).
  • Is 70% quieter than its predecessor due to even more effective fan technology.
  • We also saved another 5 watts. urban Chili only needs more 80W in full operation

keep it simple

Choose the color that suits best with your decor. Whether you get the urban Chili Growbox as a kit, or ready mounted you can also choose.
Only one screwdriver (cross / small) and a pair of scissors are required for mounting.


urban Chili grow cabinet body, lock, urban Chili LED BOARD, circulation fan, exhaust fans, 6×3-layer carbon filter, all plugs and cables incl. power strip with main switch, digital timer, wireless thermo-hygrometer, tub, pots, clay granules

You only need seeds, soil and fertilizer

keep it simple + be efficient independent

urban Chili sets new standards in power consumption, and only needs 80W in full operation.

classic is the darker version which is integrated into almost every living environment
nature line is the bright design that harmonises very well with white furnishings

Our shipments are neutral and safely packed.
Your data will be encrypted (SSL) and we will treat it discreetly.

Delivery time: 3 – 9 working days
When ordering the assembled version, a telephone contact must be specified and there must be someone on site to deliver it.
In the case of incorrect deliveries, additional costs may be incurred.

If you order from USA or Canada, we add a universal 200W voltage transformer/adapter, and everything works

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Product Description

urban Chili 2.0 im Detail


- discreet and extrem efficient grow box -
- latest full spectrum LED with 144x Samsung chips to 65 W (silent) -
- 6x 3-layer carbon filter in the exhaust system -
- extremely economical 80W in full operation -
- super silent and lockable -
- design elements are made of solid wood -
- dimensions: L = 65cm, D = 45cm, H = 133cm -
(26x18x53,2 in)
- low temp, 2 area system -

LED grow box set – urban Chili 2.0

+ all features + starter kit
Installation instructions are included, if you choose the kit.

With the urban Chili tub and the clay granules you can also pour weekly and the short holiday is nothing in the way.

growbox urban Chili banner home led grow cabinet

now with extra hot LED BOARD

Plant lighting at the highest level. Achieve incredible yields with minimal power consumption.

    Thanks to optimized planning and the latest Samsung LED technology, the unique, passively cooled grow LED was created. The LED is absolutely silent and guarantees the best lighting conditions even with a plant distance of only 5 cm (2in).


  • newest full spectrum LED with 144x Samsung chips at 65 W
  • assembled and developed in Austria (2018)
  • brand new and extrem hot
  • Plantdistance smaler 5 cm / 2 in possible
  • 100% silent
    • Achieve incredible yields with minimal power consumption. Through optimal planning and latest

Samsung LED technology, the unique, passively cooled LED was created. The LED is absolutely silent and guarantees the best lighting conditions, even with a plant distance of 5 cm only (2 inch). The viewing angle of 120° works  optimally up to 1 m (40 inch) distance between the lamps. The light spectrum of the Samsung LED chips covers 380 – 780 nm and provides almost all plants from growth to harvest best conditions. The light distribution of 144 pieces of Samsung LED chips is optimized for the urban Chili (1/4 m², 2,7 feet²).  If you want to use the LED without urban Chili, we recommend in dark rooms 4 pieces per 1 m² in rooms with sunlight 2 pieces per 1 m².

urban Chili grow LED BOARD 65W
buy grow LED BOARD

LED BOARD Productinfo

Simplicity meets first-class quality

The excellent product quality reveals, among other things, the structure of the plant cabinet. The grow box is clearly designed and equipped with useful extras, with which the cultivation of plants is child’s play. There are also three distribution boxes with main switch. The outstanding quality of the urban Chili LED complete set is also reflected in the excellent product processing and the body with design elements made of solid wood and the veneered surface. So it’s not surprising that this grow cabinet with LEDs even made it into the elite Playboy!

You have any questions, please visit our FAQ or write us an e-mail if you want to know more about us, just read our history.

It does not get any better: that’s why the urban Chili grow box is the best choice

Yes, it is possible to order all the parts for a grow box from several suppliers separately and laborious to assemble.

But this has many disadvantages. Cost and effort are higher and something can easily be forgotten or individual parts do not fit together. Frustration sets in, which can be avoided.

With the urban Chili grow box complete set, there is a perfect protection against it. It contains everything the amateur botany needs for his grow. All components fit together and are excellently processed. Decisive sources of error in homegrowing can thus be ruled out.

build and get started

With the urban Chili grow box complete set you have the choice between self-assembly with the help of a child-friendly manual, or a ready assembled urban Chili plant cabinet.

Whether fully assembled or as a kit. In the end, only the LED lighting in the grow cabinet needs to be connected to the socket and the desired time set.

In order to be able to start cultivating immediately, urban Chili really thought of everything with the grow box LED complete set.

growbox urban Chili banner home led grow cabinet

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