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urban Chili is the automatic LED grow box complete set that disappears in every home.

Here you get the bundle of urban Chili you get 2 x the LED Growbox complete set classic as a kit, which includes everything + installation instructions.
Only a screwdriver (cross / small) and a pair of scissors are needed.

urban Chili grow cabinet body, lock, LED, fan, fan, filter, all plugs and cables incl. power strip with main switch, digital timer, wireless thermo-hygrometer, tub, pots, clay granules

You only need more seeds, soil and fertilizer.

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Product Description

                          DIMENSION: w=60cm x l=40cm x h=120cm

                          FILTERS: 3-layer activated carbon filter construction installed 6 times

                          QUIET: the exhaust system consists of 6 quiet fans 1 very quiet fan is for indoor air circulation

                          LOCKABLE: a lock with 2 keys around the Plants to allow the necessary rest

                          ELECTRICITY : only 0.16 kW / h power consumption in full operation

                          AREA LED: the LED is in a separate area The plants are thus even less of the emitted heat of the LED legflust

                          DESIGN: Design elements are made of solid wood

                          LED LIGHT SOURCE : Epistar

                          LAMP LUMINOUSE FLUX (lm): 30 000 lm

                          LED POWER at ft² (1 m²) : 5920W / ft² (550W / m²)

                          LIFESPAN: 50 000 h

                          COLOR: RED : BLUE = 9:1

                         DIMENSION LED: 283*283*86 mm

                         OPTIMIZED & TESTED : the LED has been tested very positively

                         CERTIFICATION: CE, RoHS

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