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Urban Chili is the automatic LED Growbox complete set that disappears in every home.

You will receive here when ordering the urban Chili automatic LED grow box nature line mounted, which includes everything.

urban chili grow cabinet body, lock, LED, fan, fan, filter, all plugs and cables incl. power strip with main switch, digital timer, wireless thermo-hygrometer, tub, pots, clay granules

You only need more of your desired seeds, soil and fertilizer.

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Product Description

The Urban Chili in detail

Tech specs

                          DIMENSION: w=60cm x l=40cm x h=120cm
                          FILTERS: 3-layer activated carbon filter construction installed 6 times
                          QUIET : the exhaust system consists of 6 quiet fans 1 very quiet fan is for indoor air circulation
                          LOCKABLE : a lock with 2 keys around the Plants to allow the necessary rest
                          ELECTRICITY : only 0.16 kW / h power consumption in full operation
                          AREA LED: the LED is in a separate area The plants are thus even less of the emitted heat of the LED legflust
                          DESIGN: Design elements are made of solid wood
                          LED LIGHT SOURCE : Epistar
                          LAMP LUMINOUSE FLUX (lm) (lm) : 30 000
                          LED POWER at ft² (1 m²) : 5920W / ft² (550W / m²)
                          LIFESPAN:: 50 000 h
                          COLOR : RED : BLUE = 9:1
                         DIMENSION LED : 283*283*86 mm
                         OPTIMIZED & TESTED : the LED has been tested very positively
                         CERTIFICATION: CE, RoHS