Which grow soil is best suited?

Which grow soil is best suited?

The plants need sufficient nutrients, so you need a little better potting soil.

Don’t skimp on the foundation of the plants.

In our experience, it is advisable to buy the soil in a grow shop.

Products from e.g. PLAGRON or BIOBIZZ are usually only available there.

You can choose whether the soil is lightly or heavily pre-fertilized. We are very happy with PLAGRON’s lightmix (slightly pre-fertilized).

The soil should not be stored outdoors, insects could leave eggs. In many hardware stores, the earth is stored outdoors for reasons of space.

Fill pots with clay granules and soil

First cover the holes in the pots with kitchen roll or toilet paper. Then spread the clay granules over the 4 pots (approx. 3 – 4 cm high). The granules work as drainage and bring more oxygen to the roots. Fill the pots with soil up to the brim and press gently.