Component of a Growbox, Growbox and Grow Cabinet is the same?

A grow box consists of a body, a light source, a recirculation and exhaust system and a filter system. Of course, many other ingredients are very helpful. And many details, make a really good grow cabinet. There are many tents and few metal boxes under the name Growbox. Urban chili can also be described as a grow box. Grow cabinet probably fits better.

In our urban chili, the body is veneered or the design elements are made of solid wood. The body was conceived and improved several years with us. The quality lies in many small details. To make the handling as pleasant and clean as possible.

A Growbox consists of many more components, all of which must be well matched, so that the whole thing can work.

When choosing a grow box is also to pay attention to what advance costs incurred.

led growbox by urban Chili

In 2017, the following print media reported about us:

  • Soft Secrets / 2. edition – 2017
    Germany legalize Medizinalcannabis!
  • Hanf Magazin / 1. edition – 2017
    Cannabismedizin zwischen Legalisierung und Verbot
  • Playboy Germany / September 2017 edition
    Hanfbuch für den Mann

There were also some online reports. Google finds some about urban Chili.

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Why choose us

urban Chili should just work. And that, without having to gain a variety of specialist knowledge. All you need is the urban Chili grow box, seeds, soil, fertilizer water and a power outlet. And you have everything to grow absolutely highly potent plants.
Quality has always been important to us because we want our products to be perfect for everyday use. And you should also remember the high quality. To ensure the highest quality, we have designed the entire development and then tested extensively urban Chili. We have been on the market since the beginning of 2017 and have only positive feedback.
We do our best to inspire you with our products and our service. Each of our customers should enjoy some « WOW » experiences.
They get way below the 24 hour feedback from us.
The puristic design elements of our urban Chili grow cabinet are made of solid wood and help to harmoniously integrate the grow box into every interior.

Feel free, be independent

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, the feeling we want to enable you with our product.