Components of a Growbox – Grow box and Grow Cabinet is the same?

“LED Growbox set – LED Grow Cabinet Complete Set”

A grow box consists of a body, light source, a recirculation and exhaust system and a filter system. Of course, many other ingredients are very helpful. Many details make a really good grow cabinet. There are many tents and few metal boxes under the name Growbox. urban chili can also be called a grow box. Grow cabinet probably fits better.

In our urban Chili, the body is veneered or the design elements made of solid wood. The body was designed by us for several years and improved several times. The quality lies in many small details. These are designed to make handling as pleasant and efficient as possible.

A growbox consists of many components, all of which must be well coordinated so that the whole thing can work. It’s often meant to be a grow box set.

LED Grow box set urban Chili

Grow Cabinet – no grow tent and no metal cabinet

You have to be able to see and feel the quality of the grow box. We chose design elements made of solid wood and veneered body. A few more details about the grow cabinet body with a click on the button.

Grow box overview

How high should a growbox be? Grow box Ideal height, is there such a thing?

Grow tents are very often 180 cm high, which looks impressive from the outside. If you look closer but go a few inches for technology and suspension on it. And depending on which bulb is used, you should be 20 to 40 cm distance from the lamp to the plants einrechnen.

growbox sice

The Grow LED technology is so well developed that we have chosen the most efficient way.

The light in the urban Chili can be used directly, and the nearby walls are very favorable reflecting surfaces. Of course, the light sepectrum can also be seen.

grow led board urban Chili

Grow box filter: Can anyone smell my plants?

There are certain herbs that secrete a distinctive odor, which is often undesirable.
To avoid those odors in the living space, urban Chili has its own active carbon filter and a very quiet permanent exhaust air.

growbox smell

Exhaust air and circulating air: How loud is the growbox, can you hear the exhaust air or circulating air?

The exhaust air and the circulating air determines the volume of a grow box. Depending on the dimensioning, it can be very loud with 230V fans. In our grow cabinet was taken to be as quiet as possible.

growbox noise

How does the modern homegrow work?

With the grow-box of urban Chili you only need more soil, seeds and fertilizer. Our small growguide can be helpful for newcomers. Maybe even one or the other professional will find a new tip.

grow box over view grow cabinets

When choosing a grow box is also to pay attention to which ongoing costs.

To show that better, we have made a grow box cost calculator for you. The electricity bill should be considered in the grow box costs. urban Chili sets new standards with its extremely low power consumption.

grow box cost calculator

urban Chili 3.0 & light range

grow box over view
grow cabinet
grow light spectrum 2020

Light output diagrams PAR –  PPFD @20cm & @40cm
(urban Chili 3.0 pro 80W)

PPFD @20cm = [1129μmol/m²/s] - pro - 80W

urban chili light output diagram

PPFD @40cm = [818μmol/m²/s] - pro 80W

urban chili light output diagram

Light output diagrams PAR –  PPFD @20cm & @40cm
(urban Chili light 65W)

PPFD @20cm = [869μmol/m²/s] - 65W

urban chili light output diagram

PPFD @40cm = [620μmol/m²/s] - 65W

urban chili light output diagram

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