Grow box filter or smell?

Can someone smell my plants?

There are certain herbs that secrete a distinctive odor, which is often undesirable.

To avoid those odors in the living space, Urban Chili has its own active carbon filter and

a very quiet permanent exhaust air.

growbox smell

Grow box filter on what to pay attention to?

urban chili should be in a normal living room, which is also regularly aired.

The filters and the function can not be guaranteed in wet rooms and very small closed rooms, we advise against it.

Swap the filters every 3 months to ensure optimum filter performance. From the 6 month you have probably only 75% filter performance.

The exhaust air runs permanently.

urban Chili grow box filter construction

There are 6 pieces, 3 layered activated carbon filter installed. Each consists of a layer of filter fleece

mixed with activated charcoal and activated carbon filter pellets and again with a layer of filter fleece

Activated carbon added. From version 1.2 to 2.0, the filter volume has been increased.

Environment / Spatial Properties

The space in which urban chili is operated should, if possible, be like average living space. This affects the temperature as well as humidity.

Basements in winter are to be avoided. Small rooms that are never ventilated cause an air jam. From bathrooms or laundry rooms with very high humidity is also not recommended.

Feedback in the first 2 years

2% of our customers have so far reported odor problems. However, it was in these cases in small unventilated rooms and that the exhaust air was plugged into the timer and did not run permanently.
When operated correctly, 99% of the customers do not detect any specific plant odor.

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grow box filt urban chili grow cabinet filter
grow box filt urban chili grow cabinet filter
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