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urban Chili light 🌶️ LED BOARD grow box complete set – grow cabinet set

The spring promotion is extended until 31.07.2024 🌶️

The urban Chili light grow box complete set is extremely efficient, quiet and also fits into your home.
urban Chili guarantees you good harvests all year round.

• urban Chili light has a new, highly efficient 65 watt LED, designed by Etagrow for urban chilli, which produces 45-50% more light output PPFD in μmol/m²s compared to the predecessor urban chilli 2.0.

• With less than 35 dB (decibel of 1m), the grow box is definitely one of the quietest available

• Only 73 watts are required in full operation, which is hardly noticeable on the electricity bill

• You can choose 5 motifs on high-quality foils, or you take classic white

Choose the motif that suits you best.

Only a screwdriver (cross / small) and scissors are required for assembly.
When running with foil, soapy water and a sharp knife are recommended.


urban Chili light grow cabinet body, lock, urban Chili LED BOARD, fan, fan, filter, all plugs and cables including plug connector, digital timer, radio thermo-hygrometer, tub, plant bag, clay granulate
You only need more seeds, soil and fertilizer.

keep it simple

-> efficient self-catering <- urban chilli sets new standards in power consumption, and only requires 73 W in full operation. Our shipments are packaged neutrally and securely. Your data will be transmitted to us in encrypted form (SSL) and we will treat it discretely. Delivery time for items in stock:
10 – 20 working days

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Product Description

urban Chili light detail


- Extremely efficient + quiet grow box for at home -
- New full spectrum LED (Etagrow) 174 x Samsung / Osram chips on 65 W (silent) -
- 6x 3-layer carbon filters in the exhaust system -
- Extremely economical 73W in full operation -
- super quiet and lockable -
- Design elements are made of solid wood -
- Dimensions: W = 65cm, D = 45cm, H = 133cm -
(26x18x53.2 in) height inside = 112
- Low Temp, 2 Area System -

LED grow box complete set urban Chili light

+ all features + starter kit
Installation instructions are included

With the urban chilli tub and the clay granulate, you can also water weekly and nothing stands in the way of a short vacation

growbox urban Chili banner home led grow cabinet

Now with an even more efficient LED grow light from Etagrow

Plant lighting at the highest level. Get incredible yields with minimal power consumption.
Thanks to optimized planning by Etagrow and new Samsung and Osram LED technology, the unique, passively cooled LED was created. The LED is absolutely silent and produces the best lighting conditions with a plant spacing of 10 to 40 cm (869 – 620 μmol/m²s) and that with 65 watts.


• New full spectrum LED with 168 x Samsung & 6 x Osram = 174 chips on 65 W
• Developed and finished in Tyrol / Austria (2020)
• Brand new and extremely sharp
• Plant spacing of 10 cm possible
• Special protective coating of the LED board
• Absolutely silent

Get incredible yields with minimal power consumption.

The unique, passively cooled LED was created through optimal planning and new Samsung and Osram LED technology. The LED is absolutely silent and guarantees the best lighting conditions. The viewing angle of 120 ° works optimally up to 1 meter lamp distance. The light spectrum of the LED chips covers 380-780nm, and provides almost all plants from growth to harvest the best conditions. The light distribution with the 174 pieces of Samsung% Osram LED chips is optimized for urban chilli (1/4 m²).

LED BOARD Productinfo

Simplicity meets first-class quality – LED grow box complete set from urban Chili 🌶️

The excellent product quality reveals, among other things, the structure of the plant cabinet. The grow box is clearly designed and equipped with useful extras that make it easy to cultivate plants. A wireless thermo-hygrometer, a digital timer and a power strip are also included.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ or send us an email if you want to know more about us, read our history.

Why an urban chili light is a very good choice:

It is possible to order all parts for a grow box separately from several suppliers and laboriously assemble them. It is difficult to assess whether the result works safely and how far it is optimized.
It can have disadvantages, costs and workload are higher and something can easily be forgotten or individual parts do not match. Frustration sets in that can be avoided.

With the urban chili grow box complete set there is perfect protection against it. It contains everything that the hobby botanist needs for his grow. All components fit together and are excellently processed. Decisive sources of error in homegrowing can thus be excluded. You get a perfectly mature system.

set up and get started with the LED Growbox Complete Set from urban Chili

Craftsmanship skills are not required if you choose the urban chili grow box.
Just follow our detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions. Finally, the LED lighting in the grow cabinet needs to be connected to the socket and the desired time set. Finished!
Urban Chili really thought of everything with the LED grow box complete set so that you can start cultivating immediately.

growbox urban Chili banner home led grow cabinet

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