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Hello to our grow box – Grow Cabinet Blog

Here is an additional service of urban Chili, we would like to sweeten your time with interesting contributions. We write about technical backgrounds around the topic grow box, grow cabinet, plant cabinet. We look forward to your visit.

How does the right grow?

Urban farming is quite a challenge, especially for beginners. There are many different techniques that can be used to get a good harvest. From the medium used to the type of grow light, ventilation, filters, room used, there are many possibilities and variations. Which must be coordinated.

Which growbox component are required, and bring good results?

We\\\'ll tell you what components are included in our grow cabinet and what they do exactly. If you want to know more about urban Chili, this is the place for you. Feel free to share posts.

If you have topic suggestions. Can you feel free to contact us? your urban Chili grow box team

Are beer drinkers secret cannabis consumers?

#Hop = Hemp, Hop CDB, #Beerdrinking, #Beerdrinker  secret hemp consumers, Hops belongs to the family of hemp plants also Cannabaceae, as well as cannabis see Wikipedia: In Canada, isodiol even extracts CBD from hops. This throws a very new light on beer consumption, especially in Germany and Austria, the beer consumption is well above … Continue reading Are beer drinkers secret cannabis consumers?

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