homegrow urban farming

Indoor homegrowing with an urban Chili growbox,


#urban farming – it’s that easy!

For homegrow with urban Chili 🌶️ grow cabinet you only need more soil seeds and fertilizer. Harvest all year round.
Here you can learn more about soil and the right way to fill the potter.


The right grow earth

Please buy the Grow Earth in a Growshop. There you get the best quality and also advice. If you take pre-fertilized soil, an additional fertilizer is often enough. It is to be discouraged from cheap hardware store earth.


Which fertilizer should I take?

You get the best fertilizer again from a specialist dealer. The large assortment can cause confusion. There are many fertilizer systems, everyone can choose whether he wants to use organic or mineral fertilizers. With pre-fertilized soil an additional bloom fertilizer with integrated PH value correction is already very good. Always add only the amount of fertilizer indicated. If you want to use the semolina tip described later, use a mineral fertilizer.


First steps

Spread the clay granules evenly over the four pots and fill with potting soil. In the middle of the earth with a fingertip prick a 2cm deep hole and add the desired seed. Then cover with soil and pour carefully. If a seed does not open up just put a new one. You can also pre-germ the seeds. Place the pan with the four pots in the center of the urban Chili grow box.


Grow box Basic Settings / Handling

Set the timer of the light source to 18 hours day and 6 hours night. The ventilation system for fresh and exhaust air and the indoor fan must be in permanent operation.

Now carefully water only every two days until a seedling develops. The duration required for this varies considerably from plant species to plant species and is normally specified by the seed producer.

Continue to pour the seedling moderately every two days. Make sure that the soil in the pots in between almost dries out. This is easiest to test by lifting: If the pots are light, can be poured again!


Proper pouring – pouring tip

By the clay granules at the bottom of the pots, long-term watering is possible for some plants from a height of about 20cm. From this size, the roots of the plant have penetrated to the granules. Now you can add a maximum of 5 liters of water at a time. Simply pour a portion of the 5 liters into the pots, and the rest directly in the tub. Now the plants are supplied for 5 to 7 days (depending on the plant size and the ambient temperature). Here, mineral fertilizer has proven itself best. To maintain the water quality.

Again, the principle is important: only when the pots are light, may again be poured 5 liters! The soil should be dried on the surface after every casting process. Most pour too much.


homegrowing tip

If you want to bring the young plants a little closer to the light, a crate is very good to accommodate. The crate can also be used as a suspension to dry the plants. And above, the next pots can be planted again. If a plant grows too wide, simply remove the excessive leaves and side shoots. As a positive side effect the plant concentrates thereby more on its main drives.

More information

To cutting techniques, irrigation volumes and exposure times are then very different species. For this, best follow the recommendations of the seed manufacturer or search the Internet for reviews.

In the urban Chili grow cabinet hundreds of varieties can be cultivated. The pots and the optimal light make it even easier to grow even tall plants.

Have fun with the urban Chili LED Growbox Team

Have fun! :)