How high should a growbox be? Grow box Ideal height, is there such a thing?

Grow tents are very often 180 cm high, which looks impressive from the outside. If you look closer but go a few inches for technology and suspension on it. And depending on which bulb is used, you should be 20 to 40 cm distance from the lamp to the plants einrechnen.

What is meant by useful height?

With the Grow box useful / effective height is meant how much height is effectively available to the plants.

Growbox Total height minus:

– Technology (activated carbon filter, fans, pipes, luminaire and suspension)

– Pot height

– minimum luminaire spacing.

How much usable height does one have in a grow tent with 180 cm height, and how much in an urban Chili grow cabinet?

Grow tent usable height = 29 – 37 in to 71 in total height.
Grow tent usable height = 75 – 95 cm to 180 cm total height.

urban Chili 2.0 usable height = 36.6 in to 52.4 in total height.
urban Chili 2.0 usable height = 93 cm to 133 cm total height.