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about urban Chili – Johannes and Stefan – the grow box story

urban Chili was born from an idea that came up in early 2016. The goal was pretty simple. We wanted to build an LED grow box that looks great and integrates perfectly into the living space. After a year of testing and various modifications, the grow box was so beautiful and worked so well that we decided we had to create urban Chili and bring the grow box to market. The quality of the plants was absolutely convincing. Urban farming is an exciting lifestyle hobby. Johannes and Stefan set out at the end of 2016 to found urban Chili Handels GmbH.

The first functional online shop was launched in early 2017. But we also wanted to be in many cities, in local shops. We were able to win the first partners on very cool road trips. Innsbruck, Berlin and Hamburg in one day with a beer after work on the Reeperbahn. And follow-up appointment at 12:00 in Hamburg with Tanja from Udopea Hamburg. Other partners followed, see partner overview. In 2018 the first urban Chili with silent LED was released – the model 1.2.

The newly developed lamp was finished for the first time in Tyrol. In 2019, at the request of many customers, we increased the interior volume by 50 percent, installed quieter ventilation technology and thus presented the urban Chili 2.0 as a new model at the beginning of the year.

In addition, the urban Chili Light came onto the market in the summer. The cheaper variant is primarily aimed at customers with an individual furnishing style. Due to the different design foils there is something for everyone.

The rest of the year was devoted entirely to development. We wanted to optimize the LED again to get the maximum yield out of our urban Chili. In addition, it was very important to us to produce even more regionally and we made initial contacts with well-known carpenters in our area.

In 2020 the time had come – the Model 3.0 is on the market! Equipped with exciting LED technology from the company ETA-Grow and created by a renowned carpenter from the area, the urban Chili becomes a regional product “Made in Tirol”.

The results are significantly better processing, 95% more light output and incredibly low power consumption with almost silent operation. Optimized LED technology is also used in the urban Chili light and delivers 50% more light output.

We have remained true to our principle of “Keep it simple”. The idea was to create a system that is both unobtrusive and optimized for your own living space. We deliberately chose the tuning in such a way that no further settings are necessary. So really everyone can achieve optimal results at home and needs nothing more than soil, seeds, fertilizer and an electrical outlet.
We also deliberately did without a WLAN connection and app control. The success proves us right 😊

We used 2021 to redesign our website. That’s quite a lot of work… There were several photo and video shoots. Here, too, we have found excellent partners in the area.

In autumn there was a new edition of the design foils for our urban Chili light.

Daring, fresh looks and popular classics for every taste. We are currently still a 2-man team that sees urban Chili as a cool hobby and enjoys the project.
We love what we do and we do our best to make you enthusiastic about urban Chili.

With us you cultivate premium plants.
The urban Chili team wishes you lots of fun with urban farming
Johannes and Stefan

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