What does urban Chili 🌶 do to protect the environment?

After we are at home in the heart of Tyrol and want to appreciate and preserve our beautiful nature, we try to produce as regionally as possible.

The most important elements such as the body and LED boards are manufactured within a radius of 20 km from our warehouse in Tyrol. Otherwise, as far as possible, products are produced and purchased in Austria and the EU.

In addition, we commission both young and long-established companies from Tyrol for film, photo, print and advertising jobs.

  • Transport routes are limited to a minimum thanks to the local production in an Ötztal joinery.
  • The LED board is also coated and finished in Tyrol.

We actively recycle packaging:

  • According to the motto: “Everything that comes in – goes out again”, we use over 90% of the packaging materials that we receive to stuff our boxes a second time.
  • So please don’t be surprised if a box is filled with plastic film, paper, bubble wrap or everything together.

We want to do our part to avoid waste and to recycle packaging.

We are even shifting the few necessary deliveries from the Far East to the railroad in order to avoid unnecessary sea and air freight.

Even our journeys to company appointments (meetings, trade fair visits, …) are almost entirely climate-neutral by train.


What do you do to protect the environment when you buy an urban Chili 🌶

  • Your urban Chili 🌶 is trimmed for maximum performance with minimum power consumption.

In the long run you save a lot of electricity / energy compared to other grow systems.

  • You own a product that was produced and transported as regionally and therefore CO2-neutral as possible for us.
  • In the end, you have your plant harvest at home and no longer have to go shopping! 🤠